LE SENTIER, Switzerland — When future generations look back, Catherine Rénier’s appointment as chief executive of Jaeger-LeCoultre may be seen as a tipping point for gender equality in the Swiss watch industry.

  Ms. Rénier, who took up her post last May, is the first woman to lead the company and one of only a few in the business.

  At Richemont, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s parent company, she becomes only the second female chief executive in the group after Chabi Nouri, who became Piaget’s chief executive in April 2017. After all, the luxury group’s chairman, Johann Rupert, said in 2016 that Richemont had “too few women” in senior roles and he wanted fewer “gray men” running his companies.

  Since that comment, Richemont also has reinstated its chief executive role (filled by Jérôme Lambert) and appointed male chief executives at Montblanc, Dunhill, Vacheron Constantin, IWC, Panerai, Baume et Mercier and Roger Dubuis. But the 20-member Richemont board now has four women, three of whom were appointed in the last two years.

  Ms. Rénier, however, downplayed any significance to her appointment. “I don’t think about it at all,” she said when interviewed at the company’s headquarters in Le Sentier, Switzerland, in November. “I’ve never felt I’m the answer to the ‘gray man.’ Maybe it’s boring, but I don’t think every morning when I get up, ‘Oh, I’m a woman and I’m a C.E.O.’ I really don’t.”

  Nor does she feel like a pioneer. “If you appoint someone because you have to fill in quotas, I don’t think it can work,” she said. “I feel a great connection with Jaeger-LeCoultre personally, which for me is essential for success whether I’m a man or a woman. I feel the fit is a must.”

  Ms. Rénier, who joined Richemont in 1999 and most recently had been president of Van Cleef & Arpels’ Asia Pacific division, said her appointment did not signal a significant change in direction for the watch house. “Over the years, we’ve continuously built a close harmony between our male and female communication and product offer,” she said. “The objective is first and foremost to maintain that harmony.”

  The company was one of the first of the old guard of Swiss watchmakers (Jaeger-LeCoultre has existed in some form since 1833) to respond to the recent growth in female watch buyers, introducing the Rendez-Vous, an exclusive line for women, in 2012.

  Ms. Rénier, who at 43 is also one of Richemont’s younger chief executives, agreed that the watch industry is old-fashioned — “It is, definitely” — but doesn’t plan to champion women in senior management roles. “I strongly believe in diversity in general,” she said. “Man and woman — we all bring something to the table.”

  Her initial months at Jaeger-LeCoultre have coincided with a critical time for Swiss watchmaking. According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, exports of Swiss watches rose last year after a period of decline, but global financial and political tensions, along with the ongoing impact of changing consumer habits, continue to present traditional watch houses with significant challenges.

  In line with Richemont policy, Ms. Rénier won’t disclose her company’s financial performance or discuss whether it is growing in parallel with industry exports, which were up by 7.1 percent in the year to November over 2017 totals, according to the federation. “The brand is a strong brand,” she said. “We’re confident.”

  Jaeger-LeCoultre employs more than 1,200 people at Le Sentier, in the mountainous Vallée de Joux north of Geneva, Ms. Rénier said. Among them, they provide 180 skills, including enameling, the decorative art of guillochage and many watchmaking techniques.

  As for the future, Ms. Rénier said her vision for the company was to ensure its product offering was well balanced in style and appeal, to develop long-term customer relationships and to improve its distribution to online and brick-and-mortar sales points, but that her greatest challenge was communication. “We’ve not been a high communicator in terms of sharing our stories, our knowledge and our manufacture,” she said.

  To begin remedying that problem, “The Art of Precision,” a campaign that Ms. Rénier said would highlight the company’s fine watchmaking and métiers d’art, will be introduced this year, beginning at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva this week. At the watch fair, the company also will be unveiling a number of high complications that she describes as “Jaeger-LeCoultre signatures.”

  As one of the industry’s first female executives, how does Ms. Rénier think her success will be measured?

  “When I hear people say Jaeger-LeCoultre is a reference in fine watchmaking, both for men and women, then I’ve done my job,” she said. But she added a note of caution: “It’s a competitive world and there are a lot of people out there who want to take that space on the wrist.”



  今天6和彩开的什么车【风】【轻】【染】【将】【大】【家】【的】【任】【务】【都】【给】【安】【排】【布】【置】【了】。 【嗯】,【就】【差】【云】【鸿】【上】【来】【了】,【还】【有】【等】【绳】【子】【回】【来】【了】。 【这】【时】,【风】【叶】【拉】【了】【拉】【风】【轻】【染】【的】【衣】【袖】。 “【小】【染】,【那】【我】【要】【做】【什】【么】,【大】【家】【你】【都】【给】【安】【排】【了】【任】【务】,【怎】【么】【没】【有】【给】【我】【安】【排】【事】【情】【呢】?” 【风】【叶】【肯】【定】【是】【有】【任】【务】【的】,【不】【然】,【把】【人】【叫】【来】【做】【什】【么】,【没】【事】【做】【的】【话】,【多】【尴】【尬】,【而】【且】【还】【不】【如】【让】【她】【在】【部】【落】【里】【多】

  【这】【个】【家】【伙】! 【绝】【对】【是】【故】【意】【套】【路】【她】【的】! “【不】【去】,【太】【危】【险】【了】,【我】【要】【回】【去】!”【北】【棠】【转】【身】【就】【走】【要】。 【凤】【雎】,“……” 【这】【个】【胆】【小】【鬼】! 【他】【咬】【牙】【切】【齿】【怒】【喝】,“【你】【给】【我】【站】【住】!” 【北】【棠】【继】【续】【往】【回】【走】,【她】【活】【的】【好】【好】【的】,【才】【不】【要】【去】【送】【死】。 【想】【起】【那】【种】【阴】【森】【森】【的】【地】【方】,【就】【觉】【得】【毛】【骨】【悚】【然】。 【凤】【雎】【看】【她】【来】【真】【的】,【真】【要】【气】【疯】【了】

  “【你】【是】【和】【陈】【大】【人】【一】【起】【回】【来】【的】【吗】?” 【她】【的】【眼】【神】【似】【笑】【非】【笑】,【带】【着】【略】【微】【的】【嘲】【讽】。【姬】【沐】【有】【片】【刻】【失】【言】。 “【是】” “【呵】,【子】【书】【姑】【娘】【当】【真】【是】【没】【脸】【没】【皮】,【你】【的】【夫】【君】【都】【死】【了】,【你】【竟】【然】【还】【和】【别】【的】【男】【人】【勾】【搭】。” 【云】【绵】【厌】【恶】【的】【看】【着】【眼】【前】【的】【两】【个】【人】。 “【云】【绵】!【注】【意】【你】【的】【言】【辞】。” 【没】【想】【到】【的】,【这】【次】【影】【沐】【呵】【斥】【她】【之】【后】,【云】【绵】【竟】【没】【有】

  【七】【月】【十】【二】【日】,【夜】,【蝉】【鸣】,【蛙】【啼】,【要】【睡】【的】【人】【大】【抵】【已】【经】【睡】【着】【了】【过】【去】,【唯】【有】【守】【夜】【的】【更】【夫】【还】【拿】【着】【竹】【梆】【子】【一】【路】【一】【路】【的】【敲】【着】。 “【天】【儿】【干】【物】【燥】,【小】【心】【火】【烛】;【天】【儿】【干】【物】【燥】,【小】【心】【火】【烛】。” 【调】【子】【一】【遍】【又】【一】【遍】【的】【重】【复】【着】,【虽】【是】【重】【复】,【但】【也】【没】【什】【么】【其】【他】【的】【话】【说】,【所】【以】【只】【好】【一】【直】【重】【复】【说】【着】【这】【一】【句】。 “【老】【者】,【长】【春】【宫】【哪】【里】【走】?” 【说】【话】

  “【给】【你】【点】【时】【间】,【调】【整】【下】。” 【景】【东】【逗】【着】【她】,【目】【光】【深】【幽】【的】【看】【着】【她】。 【子】【琦】【撅】【了】【撅】【嘴】,【大】【声】【道】,“【我】【不】【用】,【快】【进】【去】【吧】,【大】【家】【等】【你】【呢】!” 【景】【东】【轻】【笑】【了】【下】,【驱】【动】【车】【子】【往】【门】【口】【开】【去】,“【大】【家】【是】【在】【等】【你】。” 【果】【不】【其】【然】,【一】【进】【门】,【景】【东】【就】【看】【见】【大】【家】【伙】【列】【队】【两】【边】,【欢】【迎】【他】【们】【进】【来】。 “【欢】【迎】,【欢】【迎】,【热】【烈】【欢】【迎】!” “【欢】今天6和彩开的什么车【秦】【玥】【只】【觉】【脑】【袋】【一】【阵】【爆】【裂】【式】【的】【疼】【痛】,【什】【么】【都】【顾】【及】【不】【了】【了】,【敛】【息】【术】【也】【不】【得】【已】【停】【止】,【两】【人】【的】【行】【迹】【瞬】【间】【暴】【露】。 【沈】【霖】【本】【想】【将】【秦】【玥】【抱】【起】,【却】【在】【蹲】【下】【身】【的】【那】【一】【刻】【停】【下】【了】【动】【作】——【一】【阵】【浓】【烈】【的】【令】【修】【士】【心】【神】【震】【荡】【的】【气】【息】【刹】【那】【间】【充】【满】【了】【整】【个】【姬】【府】,【目】【光】【中】【一】【片】【红】【光】。 【虽】【然】【只】【机】【缘】【巧】【合】【下】【见】【过】【一】【次】,【沈】【霖】【还】【是】【立】【刻】【就】【认】【出】【了】【那】【东】【西】【的】【身】【份】

  “【少】【夫】【人】,【少】【主】【人】【怕】【是】【中】【了】【邪】【了】!”【唐】【门】【弟】【子】【惊】【呼】【道】,【感】【到】【背】【后】【一】【阵】【寒】【风】,【他】【慌】【忙】【回】【身】【抵】【住】【一】【个】【少】【林】【弟】【子】【挥】【来】【的】【罗】【汉】【棍】,【满】【是】【惶】【恐】,“【怎】【么】【回】【事】?【你】【这】【少】【林】【弟】【子】【是】【不】【是】【疯】【了】?【怎】【么】【打】【起】【自】【己】【人】【来】【了】!” “【他】【们】【忽】【然】【都】【疯】【了】,【是】【谁】【在】【搞】【鬼】?”【越】【来】【越】【多】【的】【门】【派】【弟】【子】【开】【始】【了】“【内】【乱】”,【因】【为】【对】【身】【边】【人】【的】【防】【不】【胜】【防】,【甚】【至】【已】

  “【微】【臣】【生】【是】【南】【朝】【人】,【死】【亦】【为】【南】【朝】【人】!”【侯】【元】【白】【在】【萧】【誉】【面】【前】【咳】【得】【青】【筋】【暴】【起】,【倒】【显】【得】【萧】【誉】【咄】【咄】【逼】【人】,【不】【体】【贴】【病】【弱】【的】【臣】【子】。 【而】【这】【一】【幕】,【恰】【恰】【被】【端】【着】【药】【碗】【准】【备】【进】【屋】【的】【宋】【凉】【看】【到】。【只】【见】【她】【匆】【匆】【跑】【到】【侯】【元】【白】【床】【边】,【先】【放】【下】【药】【碗】【去】【为】【侯】【元】【白】【舒】【背】,【全】【然】【不】【顾】【萧】【誉】【在】【侧】,【一】【脸】【对】【侯】【元】【白】【的】【担】【忧】:“【元】【白】,【若】【是】【不】【舒】【服】【就】【先】【歇】【着】【吧】!【这】【家】

  【这】【时】【候】【风】【叶】【寒】【和】【风】【连】【蓉】【总】【算】【被】【眼】【前】【的】【情】【景】【给】【震】【惊】【清】【醒】【了】。 【虫】【子】【都】【跑】【出】【来】【的】【兽】【类】【也】【恢】【复】【了】【正】【常】,【它】【们】【或】【许】【被】【控】【制】【太】【久】【了】,【一】【下】【子】【清】【醒】【过】【来】,【还】【是】【很】【迷】【茫】。。。 【听】【到】【这】【美】【妙】【的】【乐】【声】,【它】【们】【没】【有】【立】【刻】【跑】【开】,【反】【而】【跟】【那】【些】【虫】【子】【一】【样】,【只】【是】【聚】【集】【在】【最】【外】【围】,【摇】【头】【晃】【脑】,【如】【痴】【如】【醉】。 【风】【叶】【寒】【清】【醒】【过】【立】【马】【拿】【起】【了】【火】【把】,

  “【嫣】【儿】,【你】【终】【于】【醒】【了】。”【仇】【灏】【天】【的】【声】【音】【沙】【哑】,【他】【红】【着】【眼】【定】【定】【地】【看】【着】【罗】【嫣】【然】。 【罗】【嫣】【然】【没】【有】【说】【话】,【她】【也】【是】【眼】【睛】【不】【眨】【地】【看】【着】【仇】【灏】【天】。 “【嫣】【儿】,【你】【还】【是】【不】【原】【谅】【我】【吗】?”【见】【罗】【嫣】【然】【不】【说】【话】,【仇】【灏】【天】【的】【心】【一】【沉】,【他】【看】【着】【罗】【嫣】【然】,【小】【心】【翼】【翼】【地】【开】【口】。 “【我】,【你】【听】【我】【解】【释】,【我】【并】【没】【有】【因】【为】【裴】【子】【晋】【而】【感】【到】【半】【点】【的】【介】【怀】,【更】【何】【况】【那】



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